Peace Be With You

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

Not without saying life has charged itself, one hundred million volts of bat-shit crazy. Elsinore brewing company releasing teams, dark thematic music in the foreground. Holding space, self-inflicted, collective whole just the same.

Puck dropped, rage against the machine. Real-life super drama, falling from big-screen. Popcorn not included, Jose Cuervo more likely. Singular reality, triple fingers and maybe a double if called. This is our go to among the collective.

Quiet return, shaman’s call cavernous thought. Dragon’s breath, cleansing song. Preparatory sacred space, holding one’s own. To the seven, ancestral chains of love. Calling in gratitude, up in smoke the day.

Cycle begins, day-breath natural kiss. Morning coffee, sharing a chorus. Beginning in gratitude, strength, laser-sighted intent. Suiting up, every sip. Blackened or filled, pumpkin spice latte. Armored suit, sharpened, muted sword.

Sitting, backdoor entryway, hornet’s nest awaits. Clock ticking, predicted daily tune. Time keeps on slipping, synchronicity at its finest…Steve Miller calls time of death.

Sacred breath, joyous song. Time to counter, mega-voltage output of the day. Weapons sheathed, dusted armor shines. Knelt sacred space, returns heart-felt peaceful tune. Breathing surrounding chaotic bat-shit crazies; breathing out Loving, Peaceful, Transmuted thought.

Calmness returning, midday’s clockwork finest. Lightened load, cracking smiles around corners. Laughter returns, children’s presence no longer absent to chaotic calls.

Our work is done, daily return. Tears, cleansing spirit, clearing collective, returning wholeness as it was. Deep Peace to You, glittered reality. Most glorious of sundaes, most colorful sprinkles atop the day.

Again I say unto thee, Deep Peace to You.

~Ani Po

The Recruiters

Short story about secret society recruiting for greater

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

We were in dark room all laying in circle. There was a storm out that night. Rain pouring in the backdrop and lightning illuminating the sky.

Thunderous clashes, flickering lightning, enhanced the feeling in the dark lit room. All in black, the recruiters were encircled by stonewalls. Laying on the floor, Nick noted the Director comforting others whom lay on the floor. “Just give us a second as Guardian receives the transmission.”

What appears to be a large metal robot, standing two stories tall, was walking outside in the rain guarding the building. Guardian turns and heads away from stone temple-like structure and from what I could hear, traveled a good distance away.

Nick peeked to see if he could see Guardian anymore, but could not. What he did see was the brightest lightning strike in the distance. During this lightning strike, Guardian received a downloaded transmission from the Watchers. The Recruiters, whom still remain on the floor and in a circle, have received many downloads before, but this was to be the last. Having put on his noise-cancelling headphones, bright lights on a dark stormy night muted, Nick feels a presence over his shoulder. Nick opens his eyes and look over his right shoulder. There was Guardian peeking his large metallic head through the stone openings. Guardian telepathically states “Nick you are chosen to lead this group now, find the others.” Nick gave thumbs up as the download was transmitted into building and into his being. Like an EMP going off Nick could feel a huge surge of energy surging through. Headphones go dead. Nick hears what appears to be a intensified humming noise, like that of electricity coming from a power transformer but only a thousand times louder. He felt as if it was becoming a part of him as the bright light streamed through the room.

Everything goes black and Nick is transported through a beam of light…

Narrated by Nick: Starts in a hallway with girl screaming…

“give it to me! Give it back! Please give it back!” Chasing a bully named Jeffrey. That’s where I come in…as Jeffrey approaches , I instinctively removed the girls hat by grabbing the tassel in the top, never touching young Jeffrey.

“Give it back dick! Who do you think you are?!”

Nick just stood there, speechless, witnessing such rage in a young man.

Jeffrey, without hesitation, punches him in the throat.

While Nick’s mind’s eye pondered why he chose a neck shot versus chin or gut, he realized Jeffries rage was greater than anticipated. His punch to the throat was a direct target potentially causing loss of breath. Did Jeffrey mean to cut off my airway, potentially killing me? Such rage in this poor lad.

Anyhow…Jeffrey’s first punch did not cause a flinch. So he punched three more times. To which a guidance counselor stopped our scuffle.

“Did you touch Jeffrey? Did you lay a hand on him?”

Well knowing that Jeffrey has a rap sheet extending to two other schools, the counselor was still obligated to protect her interests…in this case it was Jeffrey.

Ms. Fair politely handed me a name tag “Guest” and asked that I take some sand from the wishing well and disperse it outside, ‘making an offering of peace,’ before my presentation.

Nick thought to himself “I like Ms. Fair.”

As for Jeffrey, he got detention. He was not happy with Nick and displayed more rage.

Nick was at the High School to give a talk on discipline of the mind. Teaching kids how to let go of passed traumas and gain control of their lives. While giving talks around the country, Nick was also looking for future Recruiters for the program. He was about to find much more…possibly his successor.

The talk was to be during the time Jeffrey was locked up in solitary.

Nick was now in the auditorium, preparing the space for his demonstration. Ms. Fair walks in “Is there anything I can get you Mr. Mannis?”

Actually yes there is…could you please have Jeffrey come to this auditorium? I would like to ask for his assistance during my presentation. I assure you the experience will transform this young man.

Yes of course.

As the auditorium fills, Ms. Fair returns with Jeffrey, who is not happy to see Nick. With a look to kill an army of men, Jeffrey was placed in the front row.

Ms. Fair climbs the stairs and approaches the microphone. Good afternoon students, today we have a special treat for you. This is Mr. Nick Mannis and he is here to discuss “discipline of the mind.” He began his path with the Navy Seals, went on to receive multiple blackbelts in varying martial arts and continued his studies with Shoalin monks for 4 years before taking his message to High Schools around the country, teaching the power of the mind.

Jeffrey cackles and shouts “What am I thinking?”

I’m not a mind reader, but I am a mind writer. I write new programs, re-wiring our brains with single thoughts.

Jeffrey right?! Can I ask for your help on this demonstration? I know you and I got off on the wrong foot, but I assure you are going to want more of this.

Jeffrey takes the stage.

Ok Jeffrey, I want you to hurt me. I want you to release all your anger on me. I will sit calmly on the chair and I will signal you when I am ready.

Without signaling Jeffrey began swinging. Punching Nick in the face, chest, gut, wherever he could land a blow…even throwing a lunging kick. Strategically placing a bat against the chair, knowing Jeffrey would reach for it, bait was received.

Jeffrey took the bat, with mixed gasping and cheering audience, Jeffrey swung the bat over Nick’s head.

Cracking the Louisville slugger in half, Nick politely asked Jeffrey if he was done.

Speechless he was.

Do you want to learn this secret?

Can I teach you this technique Jeffrey?

Jeffrey did not even hesitate…”Fuck Yeah!”

Language Jeffrey…I remind him of etiquette.

Ok Jeffrey. I want you to focus on a moment in time, where you were like a rock for someone, something, some place or whatever. I just want you to imagine that you are a rock, what it takes to be a rock, and what hidden strength it may have. Can you do this?

Jeffrey not amused, but agreed to play along.

Are you certain you can do this Jeffrey?

Yes. Seems like child’s play, but yes.

Ok, that is good. I am going to ask you to close your eyes and focus everything on being a rock. No matter what you hear, you will remain unmoved. No matter what you feel, you will remain unmoved. No matter what you see in your thoughts, you will remain unmoved. Until you hear “It Is Done,” you will remain unmoved.

Ok, you ready Jeffrey?


Ok close your eyes and focus on being a rock.

As Jeffrey closed his eyes, Nick began placing other props into place: placing a two inch thick plank on the floor first, then a rock about the size of a basketball. With props placed directly in front of Jeffrey, the presentation was ready to begin. *Nick had the rock inspected by a science teacher under a magnifying glass and two kids from the school, proving authenticity of it being a solid rock.

The auditorium was completely silent.

With props in place, Jeffrey entering his space, Nick paused to clear his mind.

Leaping to action, Nick began running towards the corner of the stage. One step extending to the wall, as if he were going to run the wall.

Nick did run the wall, staggering steps from one corner of wall to other, until reaching the top of the wall. Crossing over onto metal scaffolding, extending across the stage, Nick leaped into the air with a twirling action as if spinning through the air. Spinning and twirling, whilst flying through the air directly towards Jeffrey, he transitioned from a spin into a flip, while landing into a kneeling position in front of Jeffrey. Landing a kneeling position with a downward thrust of fist, crushing the rock beneath it. All the while, Jeffrey did not move.

The auditorium began screaming in excitement.

Nick waves for silence, as he was not done.

He began pushing Jeffrey, but he did not move. “It is Done.”

As if on command, Jeffrey opened his eyes.

What did you hear Jeffrey? I heard a heartbeat echoing like in a cave.

What did you feel? Solid, connected to the Earth.

What did you see? A stone circle. Not like that one you see from Ireland or England, wherever it is from, but a circle of stones, with people laying on the ground in a circular pattern.

Very good Jeffrey…it is done indeed. Thank you for helping me with this demonstration. There will more tests in life, but first we need to prove to the auditorium that you are legitimately a rock. Jeffrey lightens his appearance to Nick and they both share a laugh.


Photo by Joeri Römer on Unsplash

Just then, the two boys who inspected the rock, also Jeffrey’s bully-henchman, yelled out “Yeah he is a rock all right!”

Please, would you two like to come up and test Jeffrey?

Snarky response “yeah will show him.”

What are you names?



Thank you for volunteering Billie and Jay.

Ok Jeffrey, same as before…no matter the senses triggered, you will remain unmoved.

Got it.

Jeffrey closed his eyes.

Instructing the boys, “Ok, move Jeffrey from his seat.”

Laughing as it was going to be a piece of cake, the boys began tugging on Jeffries close. Trying to lift him, tip him, push him, Jeffrey did not move. While one boy was trying to push Jeffrey, the other hurried to other side of stage. Before Nick could ask him to stop, he began running towards Jeffrey.


Billie was running full speed towards Jeffrey and did not hear Nick yell, but what happened next surprised Nick as much as the audience. About a foot and half away from Jeffrey, before colliding with Jeffrey, Billie hit an invisible bubble. Hitting this bubble, deflecting him away from Jeffrey, Billie was thrown to the side of Jeffrey without even making contact. The audience gasped at what just happened. Nick was impressed as well.

“It Is Done.”

Jeffries eyes open to Jay standing over him with eyes just witnessing in disbelief and Billy still getting up from the floor five feet away from him.

What did hear? The heartbeat again but only louder

What did you feel? Connected again but felt as if I was the Earth

What did you see? I saw myself expanding into a large spherical boulder bigger than this building

That was fantastic Jeffrey, you showed great discipline.