Gifting a Song

Sitting quietly enough, still as such, we listen with an attentive ear. Cluttered by the day infusing our song with natural sounds of our surroundings…often trumped by a certain song played on our favorite media source.

Time lapse while sharing a seat with a favorite tree or specific natural setting, we are reminded of moments in time. Time travel of sorts, if you will, from song to song as we clear our thoughts, escaping our day and losing ourselves into a world of vibratory match.

Clear our thoughts, No Mind, the purity of the song emerges as if the birds, squirrels, passing by fox gifting a new song as the Canvas of Life was meant to be heard. Unaltered, as if the animal kingdom is speaking through a magical force.

This morning, while having morning coffee, I am reminded of this as little ‘Red’ scurries about the yard. Red squirrel gifting to the world, sharing a song to me and whomever wants to listen.

Thank you for the gift…Ani Po