I surrender

“When I Think I’ve Surrendered, I Surrender More”

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Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

What began as thoughtless story of man priggish dating whoever sparing time, earth stopped shattering realities. One by one picking off unworthy submissive flowering bed, directed, guided, masterful puppet master of knowing all there is, first declaration of titled words.

I surrender.

Numerous chapters’ oil and waters vigorous stirring of the pot coming together briefly bonding, remain respective souls. Common bond agent added mustard’s seed as it is written, opposites or oppo-same, complimentary or complementary, powerful force it is.

I surrender

No end in sight continued journey inward gaze, transgressed, transmuted, altered states at hand.Acquiescence dropped formidable alliance, accepting layered response sharanagati yielding returns.Further, deeper, cavernous being egoistic cessation, entering void hallowed ground splatter paints lifetime of imagery.

I surrender

Length of keeping on, surrendering infinitesimal substantial shifts altered states at hand.Seventy seven times seven as it was written; infinite replies to our submission, passing through space layered cosmic present being.End game, end being, end resulting same, harmonious oneness supreme knowing all there is.

I surrender

Out of darkened shadows, baron desert, valley’s personal death, emerging phoenixes paralleled love’s harmonious song.Coming together separated glance, complete, whole, fusing birds remaining one. Submit to self, lover and all walks of life, surrender simplistic of thoughts leading fusion of higher merging with All There Is.

~Ani Po