Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

We all have the ability to change reality, whether through simple thought or mindful awareness of self. Refocusing our thoughts, we align with differing frequencies of truth.

Changing or redirecting thoughts we can find ourselves in a place of our choosing and doing.

Diving deeper into our personal cosmos, we cannot escape the influences of another. Whether in simple form or cosmic laws of reality.

Transmutation of energy intertwines its touch with governing laws. Learning what governs a single speck of sand, animal and plant kingdoms, lighted skies, purging our temple of thought, physical shrine, spiritual knowing of such things.

Foods eaten taking different form, spoken words carrying more meaning, actions most beneficial to Mother Earth. Aligning with higher vibratory knowing, taking a more conscious role as to our Creating of Canvas, mastering and co-governing our days.

~Ani Po