Law of Thought: Creating a New Canvas

One cannot escape motion of thought. Even in silence, existence of reality awaiting birthing of such.

Days governed by speculation and interrupted frequencies. Influences and forced upon realities, changing an understanding as so.

At the center of our galaxy, remains possibilities and anticipation. Pause, refocus, awareness of attentions flow.

In the not to distant neighboring cosmic pulse, energetic flare and black holes present remonstrance.

We remain in tune, influential reality created presence.

Governed by speculation or the decided, it is as we see.

Seen with two little round refractive lens of sorts or with transmuted reality, filtered through cosmic love.

Interpret as one does, filtered as it may. What one sees another transmuted reality of the same.

Thoughts become things, where attention goes energy flows. We have heard this before.

Time of refocus is at hand. Retreat to an inner sanctum.

What we carry in one hand, the other holds opposition. We are or we are not, guided by thoughts, either this or that…simple as That.

~Ani Po