Love and Peaceful Wishes to All

As the world is turned upside down, inside out, vulnerable to the core of It All. What started in panic, reaching for basic necessities, survival instincts at full power, momentum building, chaos grown out of control, we are confined to our homestead…something has to give.

We have fed our world with enough fear as it cracks open for new thought. Sitting on a porch, in a backyard, listening to the birds, we are reminded of what we missed before. It is time for change. Believe in the lower realms of reality or reach for higher. Remain in survival mode or rise up to celestial levels of being.

What we feed our world, digested in subconscious minds, stored for more feedings of the same, brought to the conscious…the forefront of reality.

Trying to record the chaos, as wind and chimes tell a story…deep stillness presents, I am reminded of “Greater.” Deep peace fills my space, love pours in. Restoring and recharging my own batteries…I breathe. I breathe in what was, releasing outwardly Peace and Love.

As we come to a hopeful end to this chapter, we breathe Loving thoughts as we are reminded by kindness of strangers coming forward to share in peace, kindness and loving thought. Looking not for answers to conspiracy theories, what was or maybe, but just being Peace and Love.

Spreading laughter once again, sharing in a dance of mystery and awe, mindful prayers of Peace and Love for All.

~Ani Po


Photo by Katerina Kerdi on Unsplash