Mindful Existence

We wake to a constant disagreement between the right and left. Unsure of who is actually right or wrong. Is there a right or wrong? Is it perceptually understood as such?
In the Midwest, during first snowfall, there are extremists pointing fingers at the other side. The fearless driving to fast for slippery conditions, pointing fingers at the fear ridden or cautious of sorts for driving to cautious. Or the cautious blaming the fearless for accidents.
Who is right? Both!
The cautious creating a wall undetectable to the fearless until it is too late for response…causing a step on the brakes just a wee bit too hard…losing control and swerving either into a ditch or another vehicle.
Who is right and who is wrong? Is it really a matter of being right or wrong? Instead is it a matter of not being aware of the current situation?
Mindfulness in a single moment extends throughout our days. Mindfulness can support us during times of fear likewise in times of haste. Mind is clear of clouded thoughts, clarity restored, greater awareness of our surroundings, those who play and interact with us in this Great Canvas, we mindfully exist in a place of sacred space…