Mindless Retreat, Seasonal Change

Sitting quietly enjoying the changing times

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Photo by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver on Unsplash

Mindless retreat leaving monkey sulking mind,
centering thought of paradise restoring peace.
Pure essence fragrant morning dew drop in,
filling cup javas coffee mating sacred union.
Traveling distant galaxy tripping ashram,
zafu zazen seated atop a rounding cushion.

Red maple shedding layers shadow self,
from Mother’s womb returning whence she came.
Growing outwardly upward spreading wings flight carried winds,
planting seeds for future generations rising lightning strikes.
Non-binary coded DNA shattered mirror,
shadow transmuted light hope’s beacon thunderous crash.

Seasonal change buck doe in heat,
recluse momentary dysentery socialite.
Gazing reflection bottom’s cup,
frozen time-sensitive images offshore.
Feminine within yang gathers spared,
masculine inward yin balancing the whole.

~ Ani Po