Mirrored Thought

On a daily basis we witness a myriad of instances, either challenging our thoughts or inspiring us to interact or change a different perspective. In daytime we are caught projecting and rarely take time to think of an instance.

By night, during our dreamworld, we analyze the heck out of our dreams in search for meaning. It is said our nighttime is a reflection of our daytime. Meaning our dreams are choreographed during our daily lives and projected onto a different screen, pairing characters to thought.

If we were to pick apart the objects, people and scenarios in our dreams, applying a meaning to each instance, we could learn areas of self-improvement needed or confirm our travels of our journey to self-realization. It is said every instance, person, place or thing is a part of self. Meaning everything has meaning in our subconscious and is a part of self.

Dream analysis, often practiced, may help pave daytime into night, lighter and free to enter differing realities with greater ease. Less and less trigger of thought, past traumatic ways faltering with each new day.

Our dreams allow us to see aspects of another in ourselves. With practice we begin to witness parallels of thought by day. Growing clarity of thought, nothingness held in sacred space, we arrive to a place of seeing ourselves in each and every person by day, by night…we are mirrored thought reality…we are.

~Ani Po