New Level of Understanding

There is a new level of understanding being born…still no clue or glimpse of what may be…it is so.

With external influences in our daily lives, whether small or grandeur, the Canvas of life can change in how we see its beauty. Troubled by thought, feelings of lack or simply a deep loneliness of sorts.

Collectively we are hurting, seeking remedies from external realms. We look to the outer in hopes of finding peace, failing to see its already within. Yes, sitting atop of a bluff overlooking the ocean may bring feelings of peace…but where did that feeling come from?

Our source of joy and peace may be captured in essence of a picturesque setting, but ultimately from surrendering our thoughts of pain and suffering do these feelings enter our being. Our source of joy and peace comes from a similar place…a place deep inside.

The Canvas of Life, whether as a collective or individual, is as beautiful as thoughts imagine. Through our own self work we are healing on the singular, sharing into the collective whole. As we heal we collectively heal this land.

One person at a time, opening their heart. One person at a time, accepting a new Canvas of Life. What was in the beginning has returned for those who seek. Breathe now, releasing all that is heavy. Breathe in, accepting All there Is…we are healed.