Observer Effect

Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

Observer Effect

labeled things and apple trees

Forgotten black holes time and space
covered memory distant relatives
war filled election year of the rat
lost moments riding guilt greatest cover-up
collective mind trust drifting further away
non-players of great monopoly holding few
legislation governing people state of awareness
natural regulatory potential bypassing that be
merely observing outcome changing existence
labeled things and apple trees.

Laws of gravity fallen wounded warriors
at rest until externally pushed out subconscious
force equaling massive shift in the psyche
transcending thought defiance extrinsic beliefs
chutes and ladders played unbiased tether
heretofore as it was now shall it be
guiding steps spirit whispering tune
all existence illusory be as it may
attention goes as natural flows
labeled things and apple trees.

~Ani Po

This prompt comes from J.D.Harms, as we discuss defying Physics. All things as it is written have guidelines or ruling governance of being, what if, as Ivan Illich states at the time of death, what if my whole life was wrong?

Just the mere observation of an experiment changes the whole outcome. Quoted and quoted over time, the concept remains similar today. Labeling of society, ideas, and theories of relativity, man-made opinions, factiously written abstractly reporting solid belief, and sheep following their master, collectively played out games. Unknowing of things, dismantling constructs of self-realization, becoming everything in between.

Just the mere observation of things, traded outlook, altering the state of mind and expected outcomes, defying what was stated once before becoming so. Mind made up, choosing to create and co-create as heart calls to be. It is as it is written, author remaining unknown.

Joseph Lieungh

Sustained Vision

28 November 2020 Saturday Poetry Prompt: defy physics prompt