Repainting the Canvas

Within the Canvas of life there’s an opportunity of changing thought. One must want it, one must ask for it. Change does not come in the size of a pill, for this pill is unable to pass through our digestive track.

We look to our own tapestry in glimpse of sadness or gladness. Without the tools or willingness to repaint this tapestry, we remain in the same room of our own defeating thoughts. There are no chemical imbalances, cultural or familial beliefs holding back an individual willing to ask and receive a new tapestry.

Our reality has been painted and without enough understanding of color choice or media base, we are limited by our selection of tools. Without these tools we are limited as to how we repaint our tapestry into the masterpiece waiting to give birth upon this Canvas of Life.

It is our willingness to ask, willingness to receive, but most importantly…our willingness to broaden perspective bringing more vitality. Our reality is as closed off or opened to All there Is.

Ask, believe, receive…we are repainting the Canvas with every thought…

~Ani Po