Road to Enlightenment

Photo by C Drying on Unsplash

The realization, we are the whole Universe
shut out, not the pain and suffering
in self or others, for they are the same.
Acknowledge, witness, we are also that
pondered throughout the day,
going from person to person, inanimate to inanimate.
No longer embodying pain and suffering
transcending and living in Universal truth
in awe, one with Great Mystery.

How does one maintain wholeness within a dualistic reality?
Chosen one are we, choosing one over the other
no longer listening to voices chattering about.
Cut straight to the core, where all things birthed
slowly, methodically, peeling layer after later.
Enlightened are we, already born Agape naturally
lost in the moonlit evening skies
till first-light, dawning of a new day we are born again.

Innately given, Great Mystery
once forgotten, lifetime renewal.
Weight of the world, existing single concept
born unto thee, forgotten are we.
Understanding yes, once self-realized
setting in, forever knowing
we are Great Mystery.

~ Ani Po

Peeling layers of onion parallels to layers of one’s consciousness. At the most outer layer is a mindset of entitlement, while at the most inner layer resides one everyone strives for…enlightenment. While enlightenment was always there, we’ve forgotten we already are. Unlearning and peeling more layers of our onion, discovering more areas of learning who we are, where we came from and what our purpose is, we become self-realized.

At the very outer ring of an onion is a protective layer. The layer preserving the fruit until maturity and until consumption. Similar to the ego of subconscious minds, it is the layer protecting us from injury during growth, further inhibiting us from peeling back any further layers while in search of eternal bliss. The most basic layer where our lowest vibration controls our thoughts, instinctively wanting to snatch and grab anything we can, in fear of being stripped away of rights, material things, or even life.

When a person is ready, they cut into the first layer of the onion, cutting into the essence of consciousness. Peeling the first layer yields realization, “I did it, I got rid of some extra baggage!” Once this feeling of accomplishment settles, the individual realizes there is yet another layer instinctively asking, “Now What?” Peeling another layer, letting go of more harbored negativity, there resides yet another layer.

At the most primitive level of our existence, we learn an entitlement behavior. A behavior compounded by our capitalistic system, conditioning us to believe in entitlement, causing separation in this lifetime. Dr. David Hawkins discusses varying levels of consciousness and reports it is possible to peel past these layers, attaining a higher state of consciousness.

Peeling layers of our onion, permeation of entitlement penetrates through the protective walls until somewhere in the middle layers, losing belief of entitlement, while being met by a force of enlightenment. Carl Jung often refers to this state of a person’s life: a shift, from the morning of their life to the afternoon of their life.

Pure enlightenment remains unfelt until all remaining layers peeled. All that remains is the essence of our onion. We can cut right to the core, getting a taste of eternal bliss. For it to persist, we must peel each layer, acknowledging them along the way. With each layer removing trapped emotions, trapped behaviors, until learned positive prevails. At the beginning of our lesson, we take a step into “The Active Side of Infinity (Carl Jung),” continuing our growth with each new day.

Stepping into the Canvas without a sense of entitlement, knowing that nobody in this world owes me anything. I Am Free to be Me! Having a purpose of service to my fellow brothers and sisters, no longer sitting or waiting for them to come to me. Instead, applying a little elbow grease to daily actions while expecting nothing for free. The only thing in this world that can be free is me, with a price many unwilling to pay. Down the long rocky road, no longer concerned with when or if it will happen. Instead, there is a knowing, growing in strength, enlightened are we.