Sharing our Gift

We search for meaning, often getting a glimpse of future thought. Uncertain of how we get there, we either dwell upon or accept forward momentum. In wonder, a door presents a new paradigm of being. Do we wander into wonder or remain frozen in time, unable to grasp new thought?

Holding onto what was there is, no room for what may be. Letting go of what was, accepting what may be, we arrive in a place of synchronicity. But is everything not synchronicity? Are our thoughts not governing our days? We journal the days of thought paralleled by manifest of physical reality.

What is one to do? Once forgotten becomes known. Sharing in our thoughts, changing outcomes of the day for self and other beings. It is within our grasp of understanding our reality is painted. Once upon the Canvas of thought, it is made known into our days. Which thoughts are shared? What gifts do we present to the world?

We all have gifts of destructive force or divine creation of Love. Which we choose to share can have varying outcomes. Self defeating thought yielding disease and despair? Divine presence of being, creating space for something greater?

As we begin creating life we seek, the gift is in our sharing with another. Our being present in divine presence of Love, we allow another to accept new thought reality of peace within. Creating peace within self, inner circles, rewiring circuitry that was once thought lost forever or unattainable.

In our own self discovery we are changing lives of others. As we come to knowing, others come to know another way of being. Our willingness to ‘Be’ and anothers’ willingness to ‘Be,’ there is a connection off sorts with All There Is. Connecting with Divine Presence, our worlds change direction, platform reality, creative force at hand…embodying All There Is.

~Ani Po