Sitting at the Center of it All

We know focusing too much on negative side of things leaves us off kilter. Often creating a reality filled with fear, anger and/ or disbelief. Our days become that of judgment, gloom and false reality of what may be visible to others. What one sees as gloomy cloudy day, another may see much life happening around them…seeing the Canvas of Life as it is…beautiful just the way it is.

Focusing too much on the positive, poses risk of becoming off kilter? Meaning we bury past traumas or ancestral behavior, supplementing thoughts with unicorns and fairy dust. Nothing wrong with being so positive we poof glitter, but what of pain still calling our name? Have we bypassed processing our own dominion while searching for utopia?

What leads our thoughts this way or that way…accentuating our realities into an off kilter reality? Often unaware of our own thoughts we travel through our day blind to what the Canvas has to offer: What appears merely an acorn, rises to a mighty oak; What seems to be a disgusting slug, transforms into a beautiful flying machine; What appears to be an accident on the side of the road, turns out to be an unexpected meeting of sorts between two people who share common themes. The list is endless left for interpretation.

It is a seeker who sees, gazing upon new possibilities. Neutral of what maybe, allowing Great Mystery to present a beautiful tapestry of All there Is. Transcending mystery whilst allowing and becoming.

Is it an addiction of sorts, seeking something greater? We want happiness and we want it now, therefore solutions must be out there.  In doing so we fall trap to supplementation of feeling good with coping mechanisms: food, alcohol, drugs (legal and illegal), religion, sex, thrills and frills of many sorts. Without labeling any one of these good or bad, in excess they bring an imbalance of sorts to who we can become.

Can these mechanisms be a temporary fix to what appears to be broken? Can over indulging in positivity fit similar categories of temporary fix? Without clear insight to our brokenness we cope and remain in misery. Taking steps to clearing our thoughts, coping less…we remain in mystery.

Is it the neutrality of things, aligning with a universal neutrality of things? The Universe operates on laws of polarities, ebbing and flowing as it expands and contracts. The animal and plant kingdoms follow these simple truths. Humans have forgotten these truths, leaving many in confusion and pain.

I once sat on a see saw ( teeter totter or child’s play thing that is a straight board on a pivoting point, one side going up and the other going down), pondering why it did not move. It wasn’t until another person arrived and asked to sit on other end. I agreed. They climbed aboard, not saying a word and for a brief moment didn’t move…we just balanced naturally. Then one of us moved and the see saw began to move. As we participated in a dance, so many kids familiar to, we went up and down, laughing and enjoying every moment. Then in an instant, the other person got bored. They dismounted to quickly and I fell, crashing to the ground and jolting my butt and spine. Ouch!

Not having anyone else to sit with me, I chose to sit at the center of the see saw and held the see saw at balance. Now the reality is that if someone returns to the see saw and wishes to sit upon it, either side, it would go off-balance. However if I choose to hold my own, climbing to the other end still interacting with another…dancing in harmony.

Either way the end goal remains peace and balance. Neutral as it is, ebbing and flowing as it was and shall be, changing effortlessly as the Law of Nature itself.

Ani Po