Surrender to All There Is

Does the world seem to be spinning out of control? Changing drastically, difficulty keeping up with transitions? I have witnessed this first-hand and have heard many come forward in exhaustion to the many changes of life.

With an ever-changing world, faster and faster it rolls, there is a common sense of being on a hamster wheel or barely keeping “afloat” in the deep end. Spinning and spinning, faster and faster, with no end in sight. Breathe…we are present.

I sit here contemplating…does the world spin faster and faster? Do we become complacent in our day to day? Are complexities of life becoming greater with greater personal growth? Or…with our awakening of a new day, our thoughts awaken to new possibilities, giving choice to thought patterns of past , present and future thought?

Personally I feel we are growing at faster and faster rates. Those learning to go with natural flow of life, getting into a rhythm of synchronicity, allowing things to come and go. How does one get into a natural flow of life? Surrender.

Surrendering can happen at many levels, offering non-attachment to events, moments and even thought. Our emotions, simply put, get in the way of our day to day interactions, thought processes and views of All there Is.

In any given moment, we have the ability to breathe and let go. From a situation of a #2 pencil breaking its tip to a terrible accident and/ or loss of a loved one. All levels leave room for breath and surrender.

Those practicing surrender, may tell another “start small.” Recognizing situations that stir emotions in oneself is a great start to learning to let go. In any situation, recognize rising emotions, breathe, surrender to the situation. In surrender, we are not giving up but merely letting go of an attached outcome to given event. In letting go of attachment, we are surrendering to emotions and allowing ourselves to clearly process the situation. With small steps, we learn and grow, taking larger steps into understanding of surrendering to All there Is.

Surrender to the situation, surrounding beauty, moments of joy, pain, Great Canvas of All there Is. We are present in this moment of thought. With a blink of an eye, whispers of wind, our thoughts change and expectations the same. We are this moment and we are the next, surrendering moments in time, giving thanks for its beauty, lessons of the same.

~Ani Po

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