Darkness of our Nights

Acquainted with the Darkness of our nights, we embody the Light.~Ani Po

Recently I was on a spiritual retreat, with the purpose of digging further into my soul. In search of the darkened past that keeps me from moving forward into true authenticity, I encounter my worst nightmare…the self. With Ego standing firmly, as to protect me from false beliefs, I politely excuse him…inviting Spirit to take over.

Stepping into my darkness, i was given Light. As Spirit guides my future steps, I ask Her to keep me sharp…as if keeping a watchful eye on the Ego of the self. Letting go of my past…I step into a new reality…one which awaits my creative strokes…

darkness of night

Embracing Our Fears…And Maybe Even Enjoying Them?!

As we Step Into The Canvas, unearthing more of our past we come upon things that might bother us or bring great fear. We never really know where we are headed except towards our own destined happiness.

As we venture into the unknown, unearthing unlocked or locked-up fears, we embrace this fear and the fact they have brought us to where we are currently in time. We are in this moment at this exact time…right on time. With or without our fears we are who we are. While embracing our fears, we are able to grow that much further. Learning from our shortcomings and fears or our pent-up anger, we find a new sense of strength…purpose.

Finding a new purpose we set out once again…into the Canvas.

Ani Po is familiar with this process, as she ventures out into the unknown. Today she heads out not knowing where she is going, but is certain she’s going to find what she is looking for. With her certainty she will surely find what she is looking for. Further, she is familiar with the process of unearthing tears and anger of the past, only to emerge  victorious. She emerges victorious as she sits and ponders the fears and anger that have surfaced.
With her anger and fear at hand, she embraces what comes next… Another step into the Canvas of Life with happiness. Our ultimate goal is that of happiness. If our goal is happiness, why would we sit stagnant or distant with anger and fear at hand? Embracing our fears we move forward into the light, shedding more light into our lives.

Stepping into the canvas embracing all there is. Whether it’s bliss, fear or anger, sit with it, embrace it, and allow it to guide you towards more light. It is through our darkness that we find more light. It is through light, we find our happiness. As we Step into the Canvas today know that whatever comes our way good or bad, it will all be good. Have a wonderful day! With love…Ani Po.