Finding Gratitude in Everything

Today we wake to morning sun or clouded skies obscuring sight. Stepping on left or right with intent or haunted memories. Which do we choose…in a universe where the mind travels hither to fro?

Reaching for cup of life, sipping on its elixir. There they are standing before us, thoughts transpiring from unknown caverns and galaxies. We observe, choosing wisely to which shall allow us most gratitude. Easy to choose happy dance, fairy and unicorn. What of the shadow of doubts, darkened past, suffering all around.

Go and play! or sit with shadows of our day? Both bring happiness. One may be short and sweet, leading to continuous seeking of pleasure in another playful dance. The latter, with a single breath, illuminated thought reality yielding infinite joy and happiness.

Sitting with pain and suffering, counting blessings as we may. Far greater returns seeking blessings of our day. Single breath, fixed upon blessings of this moment, transferring and transpired spacetime continuum.

Every thought ever had exists in our own reality. Choosing which to lead our day, creates road less traveled or path taken many times before. Live in a familiar galaxy or look to neighboring star cluster.

So, for today, we choose to count our blessings…start small, expand and transmute passed into future blessings. See all as it is, see all as it may…seek and ye shall find…neighboring moon or blistering sun, all a blessing for everyone.

~Ani Po

Law of Divine Oneness

Just as every one and every thing on this planet influences our day, likewise our action change course of the collective day.

What we think, say or do adds to the collective Canvas. Our actions change the course of anothers day, good or bad. Our beliefs change the course of our day but also influences anothers belief system with potential of changing their day.

With so many daily distractions, how does one redirect thought process? Start with five minutes a day. Grow it to twenty minutes a day. Then if time allows allow an hour from the day to sit fully present in the moment of the day. Allowing time for quieting the mind, clearing clutter from our daily Canvas.

With clearing of distractions, we are ready to sit in what we do want from our day. Our thoughts, actions and beliefs align with our intentions of the day. Stepping out with intent in our hearts, we are painting a different picture from the day before. Further, we are taking an active roll in creating the Canvas to how we see fit.

Do we want to go through life without ever knowing? Or do we choose to enter a co-creative process of this Great Mystery of Life? The Canvas of Life is of Divine Whole, we are a part of it.

~Ani Po


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