Bathed in Love

Cyclical or Peace Profound

Fused reality if so

Single thought

Thousand monkeys running a muck

Cingular and singular

Cells to cosmic proportions

We are

Seek Love


Order of it all

It is already there

We are Love


Kindness thoughts

All received

Perceptual thought

Outward Gaze

Inwardly return

We are Bathed in Love.

~Ani Po


Filling Canvas’ Void

Darkened thought enters

Bringing terror and fear


Change of movement as such

Distraction self fleeting way

Happy for a second

Cyclical roller coaster of sort

Sit quietly instead

Allow thoughts

Comfortably pass

Be still

Listen heart calls thy name

Canvas empty

Awaiting special touch

Paint thine heart true

Filling Canvas’ void




Flowing naturally is it was

What was

Now is

It is so

~Ani Po