Shifting Realities: Becoming All There Is

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Photo by Vincent Chan on Unsplash

Michelangelo chisels the excess
revealing David’s stone-faced symbol
of another belief, altering consciousness briefly,
momentarily space and time ceasing
to exist in the physical, shape-shifting
animalistic, sentient being, objective
forgotten with puffs of smoke.
Enters Renovuo dream-like presence
categorizing, studying awakened souls
sleeping or transcending thought reality,
unable to communicate, rendered paralyzed
top to bottom, root, astral to spiritual planes
of existence or non-existence, do we know?
Near-Death Experience, NDE, penned the highest
forms of consciousness, altered or clear pathways,
de-cluttered mind entering akashic waves
of truth, transpiring, inspiring, exasperating
skirmish remains, adapted truths
falsely instilled, distilled, and diluted,
yet struggle persists.
Varying levels, merely perception, and labels of things
go bump in the night-time dream-like states,
trash compacted, ejected, removed from cosmos
now, sight restored, as the rain has fallen.
Onerous leading to dualistic belief, riding,
roller coasters up and down, belief in good and evil,
until the great purge, emesis of all there is.
Returning to Oneness, wholeness, pure energy,
consciousness beyond thought, space, and time
immortal, just becoming as it was in the beginning,
the end remains in giving up our identity of sorts, Oh yes
just struck a chord.

How can we become anything, when we already are?

~Ani Po

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Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh

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Stentorian Voice Echoes Through

Literary Impulse’s prompt — ‘Andoumboulou and Vorfreude’

That stentorian voice echoes through the field, pounding at inner and outer doors. Calling upon once familiar pilgrim, forthwith warrior sings a creative song. Echoes, creative tune, stars dancing energetically and spirited song. Notwithstanding arousing suspicions, incomplete works flesh unbound words, the Author gathering tools acquired along this trail.

Written first upon the stars, eternal void yet filled by the common man. Heroes’ journey walked a thin red line, regardless all the same, for The Few heeding the call, traveling as needed re-writing total existence. Imaginative, factual, matters not to the creative souls.

Star key found, entering school house for daily’s lesson. Adopted by the ancients, elements communicable ‘all there is,’ opening vortices with a magic quill. Looking to the skies, heavens, and emptiness of what may be. Nothingness presents, vastness, voided thought, transpiring tune silenced by the mood. Fear of incomplete, mirrored blankness, the mind stops, pausing for evaluation.

Self-doubt, transmuted expectancy, years of training, the Recruiters remain in the shadows. Not the shadow of self, doubt, or misery, but elitists, forgers of reality, keepers of sacred truths. Called upon by the Watchers, branch of the Guardians, hand-picking recruits worthy of holding sacred draft.

Like a ship washed ashore-tattered, gaping holes, broken bones, rocks puncturing remains. Hollowed bones, empty soul, and abandoned crew once swabbing its decks. A rotting corpse, laid to rest, sifted and lifted remaining treasures and booty of Caribbean. Nothing left, unanswered call, yet a lonely seeker stumbles upon flairs last remaining shot.

A passerby or called to witness, tattered soul, one last flair in the chamber. Launching a fiery ball lacking accuracy, persisting hopefulness prevails, responding messenger approaches from the East. A metal detector in hand, hardened tools, wood-working masterful carpenter’s guidebook, spiritually received.

Andoumboulou or Ouroborus, Vorfeude tails scribbling nature. It is written upon the stones, ancient story-lines, awaiting translation and transcription for the other’s detection.

No longer afraid, work undone, Story-Teller tells the tale. Through song and dance, interpreting vibratory thought transmission, Akashic speaking unhindered, conductor raising wand, readying Great Orchestra’s forth playing sacred tune.

Breathing in lacking presence, past and future uneasy, woodwinds sounding, releasing the mesmerizing hold, transfigured sound, and healing touch kissing all willing to be, joyful symphony returns.

Returning to lack, the emptiness of abandoned ship knuckles to the bone, bled sweating tears, altered, transfigured, made whole as promised by the sea. Not for the lacking human conditions, stentorian voice sounding alarms. Not in the stars, external gaze emptied-As without, so within. Inward gaze, universal truths reveal-Once broken, made whole once more.

~ Ani Po

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Photo by Javardh on Unsplash 

Much gratitude for those who take time to read, ponder and allow inner workings of self to come forward. Grateful for the feedback, love shared and more importantly the Dance with Inspiration. Deep Peace.

Joseph Lieungh