Transmitted and Transmuted

For a moment thoughtless, lack of understanding as one might speak. Quietly observing stars fading into the brightened day…

What if we no longer know what answers might hold truth? What if all things and the vary concepts of such, dissolve before us, where does one go? How does one exist? Have they given up on this Canvas of Life?

Confusion such spoken as what may be, we remain motionless in space in time of what will be. Though the day has begun stars remain calling us in a different light. Caught in the trap of figuring and non-figuring, between existence of all may be.

What shall be done is left for another. Transmitted, transmuted and or transfigured it is released. Breathing in All there Is, Breathing out All there Is…It Is So.

~Ani Po

Ladder within Canvas


With every rung,

Clenched tightly Fear of falling.

Every breath,

Knowing higher need for going.

Pause for a moment,

Frozen in time of horror.

Gain momentum in thought,

Witnessing steps to present moment.

Where one is,

Is because where one was.

One step at a time,

One rung at a time.

Higher and higher,

Deeper and deeper.

As we climb the Ladder within Canvas of Life,

Further we enter cosmos of it All.

~Ani Po