Singing our Life Song

It is a new day and time for the heart to sing…Fear…Stops us in our tracks…
With a stronghold on our thoughts and feelings, we remain in fear. Afraid to sing when we want to sing, dance when we want to dance or just being happy for no apparent reason. Remaining in fear, our thoughts switch to more fear and potentially other harmful emotions. Time to change this, time to sing a new song…
So we sing…starting with a subtle tune, only for the self to hear. We gain confidence…singing for others to hear…only to be put to the test. With negative forces forming against us, we have a choice to continue singing or shutdown…falling to the other persons misery.
Makes no difference unless we have to work with them and their unhappiness. Their unhappiness makes our happiness difficult to find as we are submerged in their negativity. There may be compromise needed or something to shake things up. How about a hug for the other person?! Saying nothing but “I notice it is tense in here, I want to offer you a hug. With this hug may our days be brighter, letting go of whatever has brought us into tension.”
Singing to life we are giving life. Giving up this voice we are giving up a choice to singing our life song! ~Ani Po
Singing to Life

No More No Mas Noogise

With cycles in our lives, it is pretty certain we question the days or events as such. We learn and we grow, coming to a place of “Now what?” hearing ancient wisdom…chop wood, carry water.

But what about when things do not go as planned or the world around us is falling apart. Whether those around us acting in accordance to their own trained beliefs or harboring negativity and spreading it wherever they go, we have the ability to stop it dead in its tracks.

A few years back, while meditating, I came up with a song about letting go. I cannot find that song anywhere, therefore I know it is not time for it to be shared. However the message was this…when we walk in spirit…no more, no mas noogise (no geese). Meaning we no longer have to listen to the nay sayers around, we simply choose to follow our path. Accepting our path, we are surely on our way.

This cycle returns to me as well. Not as often as once before but still surfaces from time to time. A place of knowing and tolerance for others, but no longer listening to the negativity that comes forth. It is my choice to paint a positive day and the colors are mine to choose as well.

Stepping into the Canvas stating no more, no mas, noogise. It is my choice to move forward, my choice to allow, my choice to just be. For on this day it is my intent to move forward in joy and laughter, brushing away heavy burdens of the past or mending open wounds…it is my choice….Ani Po