The World as a Great Canvas

The idea of stepping into canvas is not to say this way or that way is right or wrong it’s an invite of sort. An invitation to see with new perspective, varying from what the world around us dictates.

Whether literally diving into a canvas creating art upon a tapestry, or seeing the world as a great Canvas and beauty all around. Each new day an opportunity to admire its magnificence. 

The canvas is open to interpretation, open for all to see, open to create and co-create as seen fit. With varying colors within canvas, differing ideologies, it is easy to get swayed to the left or right. Steady the course, steady the brush within hand, as we paint colors of Love and Peace upon self and an ever-expanding world around us.

Whether an individual believes their reality to be factual or questions every step of the way, the only constant is change. Remain set on a routine or way of life struggling as the world around us hits a reboot on consciousness or way of thinking, or adapt as our feathered and four-legged friends do.

~Ani Po