Vibrational Thought: Mastery of Self

Another day has come to step outside and experience Great Mystery of All there Is. With intentions set, confidence high, aspiring to create a day filled with magical sweet love.

The birds of feather call our name, winds of assurance at our back and brightened skies paint a perfect picture to ascend.

Single thought in a sea of trillion thought processes. Conflict or mastered thought enters possibility. Direct or redirected sail of vibrational thought. We focus intently on original belief. Before the beginning was a thought without words, feelings, desires or will…it just was.

Authoritative we are born, assuredly we return. As in the Tao or sacred text, science attempts. Quantitative labeling of such falls short of what may be. From a place or existence, we just are.

Physical, mental or dream thought reality, we exist in an ever-expanding consciousness of possibility. Our truth is real in moments thought, gone forever changed by a simple step into ethereal sea of Love.

~Ani Po

Photo: Origin Unknown