What is Your Story?

What is your story? What is your truth? Are we paying attention to gentle nudges pushing us to knowing these truths? What are these gentle nudges?

Let’s start there. Gentle nudges are events, conversations or actions with potential to challenging our own belief. What is our belief? Who do we come to knowing?

If we are dealing with negativity in our lives, whether directly or indirectly, our understanding is born from a deeper understanding of this Canvas before us. A situation arises and we have an opportunity to ignore it, cope with it or deal with it. In dealing with it we have more choices: listen, observe, speak our truth. Ultimately in dealing with things we take great care in observing our own actions about how or what we feel in this instance. Do we create a facade that all is good or do we see pain and misery as a truth, allowing for deeper truth to reveal itself? So many questions result from our personal deeper analysis of self, community and global issues. What is really happening?

What is your story? We remain broken and afraid or we accept brokenness of self with allowance to proceed in hopes of finding who we truly are as a person broken and whole, community as the same. In our own acceptance of self, we accept the greater whole. This does not mean we accept the evil that remains in the world but we are no longer brought down with it. We rise up. Not in a sense of being better that it but aligning with actions of creating a better world for self and potentially on a global level.

Our truth comes from deep analysis and speaking of these truths. Not ignoring but acknowledging.

So we can choose to present a beautiful story on our Snapchat story, Facebook or whatever social media outlet is of importance to self. What story do you want others to read? What is the story you want to paint? Woe is me or whoa is me? One meaning could be that of pity for self and the other could be a state of awe…which is it for you? Either way it commands attention…


What will be your story on Snapchat? Woe is me or Whoa is me?