Where do we go From Here

Whether we identify a need or an idea for change, often we remain stuck or blocked from ever taking necessary steps to achieving these. Is it our own fear of not being good enough? Smart enough? Speaking the ‘right’ words to the masses?

What is your message or idea? For me it is and always has been to help people come to a place of knowing.

Being on my own journey for a few years (Probably close to 11-13 years), my understanding of what it is we need or want has changed. Coming to a place of knowing, a deeper understanding of all things, there is a sense of not having to do anything at all.

Though there is nothing more to be done, there is a deeper desire to share certain gifts with the world so that others may find their own gifts to be shared. Being in a void for some time now, learning complete surrender, the fire ignites and the momentum shifts into possibility.

How does one go from invisible to visible reality? One of the greatest lessons I had to learn was being present within the heart. Remaining in heart consciousness, letting go or detaching from head mind, a greater force presents itself in our daily routine. In this space, our clarity and understanding shifts from fear to fearlessness, creating unanswered questions of how to or where to go a reality.

Personally I look to a greater audience of readers, not for gratitude or confirmation of self but a deeper desire for aiding another through their awakening process…wherever they may be on their journey.

So as I sit with the idea of “Where do we go from Here?” I invite the readers to do the same in their own Canvas of Life, creating a space for ideas to flow and reality to shift into alignment with their purposeful life.

~Ani Po